The Better Way to Engage Fans

A new media platform that turns fan passion into creative engagement

This generation of sports fans wants to do more. They want to actively interact with their favorite teams, to share their passion with other fans, and to challenge themselves.

During gameplay, fan energy drives engagement. When not playing, this energy can evaporate. Studio Qi Technologies changes all that!

Kickoff Legends (KoL) and The Virtual League of Hockey (VLH) are gamified social networks that enable fans to manage and coach their own teams. They engage in fierce but friendly competition.


Fans play for free

Recruiting through blogs, social media and other fans, in partnership with sports team and media brands, the goal is to gather 1.2 million active players within the next 3 years. Revenues generated through in-game monetization and advertising.

Fans subscribe to compete and win cash prizes

Through state lotteries and eSports events, players subscribe to play and are given a fixed virtual spending budget.They can win cash prizes by building their team and competing.

B2B Partnership:
Partners' Fan Onboarding

In partnership with sports teams and media brands, Qi increases fan engagement and develops business intelligence from fan behavior to drive more tailored marketing. Revenues are generated from Business Intelligence services provided to partners. We also reduce capital requirements for user acquisition by offering revenue sharing to partners in exchange for onboarding their fans.

Market Opportunity

Five of the top 10 trends in sports in 2017 are driven by fan engagement:

  • Live sports are gaining traction on social media
  • New revenue streams emerge as fans get fully connected
  • eSports becomes a global force
  • Increased investment in data and CRM optimizes fan relationships
  • There is a growing fusion of sports and entertainment

Fan Engagement Cycle

Studio Qi Technologies bridges real life sports events with the infinite flexibility of the virtual.


15 years experience in social networks for sports medias.

Yves Lapierre
CSO, Co Founder & Investor

Valentin Backofen
CEO & Co Founder

Pierre-Paul Lefebvre

Roula Issa
CFO & Co Founder


Ben Rollert
Data Science Advisor

Eric Gauthier
Tech Industry Advisor

Patrice Bernier
Sport industry Advisor

Jürgen Goeldner
Game Industry Advisor