Studio Qi announces appointment of Valentin BACKOFEN as president

MONTREAL-February 3, 2015 - Yves Lapierre, founder and chairman of the board of Studio Qi, is pleased to announce that Valentin Backofen has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the Montreal company that specializes in developing social sports strategy games.  Prior to this appointment, Mr. Backofen served as Studio Qi's vice-president and chief technology officer.

"Since 2011, Valentin has played a key role in the design and development of the platform on which Studio Qi creates and launches its innovative games. He's a creative technologist, a real pro who has spearheaded our vision since the very beginning, and his contagious determination makes him a natural choice for going forward,” said Mr. Lapierre.

Mr. Backofen's arrival at the helm of Studio Qi heralds a series of presentations that the young company will make to investors. The new president's priority is to secure financing to develop its next games. In 2014, Studio Qi launched the Virtual Leagues of Hockey (VLH) ( with support from private investors and the Canada Media Fund. The ambitious studio plans to launch at least four more titles under its Virtual Leagues banner by 2018.

"My goals are clear, and I'm very happy that Yves has confidence with me. We intend to transform sports strategy games in the same way Google transformed research—nothing less," said Mr. Backofen. He will be forming the company's advisory committee in the coming weeks. Other announcements will follow shortly.

About Studio Qi

Studio Qi develops social sports strategy games in Montreal, offering real challenges for real life. Under the "Virtual Leagues" banner, these games target hockey (2014), soccer (2016), rugby (2017) and cricket (2018).  The VLH (Virtual Leagues of Hockey) was officially launched in November 2014.

About Virtual Leagues of Hockey (VLH)

VLH is the premier sports strategy game for hockey fans and armchair coaches alike. Officially launched in November 2014, the game now has more than 18,464 registered users and over 40,000 games played each day! Register for free on


Source: Studio Qi
Anik Le Marquand


Valentin Backofen is a creative technologist who can quickly identify opportunities and catalyze the creativity and energy of those around him. He is also an inspiring leader whose career has followed a somewhat unusual route: His fascination with the history of the Web and its practices has taken him from Germany to Norway to Canada. With Phéromone since 2011 as head of technology, Valentin has had a front-row seat in designing the social sports strategy game Virtual Leagues of Hockey (VLH). He also assisted in the birth of Studio Qi before taking the reins as president in 2015. Valentin is fluent in four languages, understands seven and brings more than 15 years of experience to the table. He previously worked with Inpix, Marketel and Ogilvy Montréal.